Bill Praught

I have been working in the industrial coatings (paint) business for the past 35 years as a formulator, technical service representative and business manager. I like to develop new techniques/approaches for creating prints and draw on my knowledge of materials and processes from my work experience combined with the tried and true methods of printmaking.

For the last three years, Betty and I have focused much of our printmaking time working on Mono Prints and developing some alternate techniques for producing them. Our prints are abstract impressions mostly of what we have encountered in the outdoors.

While not focusing on any one subject, most of my current inspiration is drawn from our hikes on the trails in Cambridge. We have come to recognize the importance of getting out to interact with the subjects of our inspiration. More recently I have been migrating towards the daily lives of people: from struggles, to comedy and just living as we are.

To inquire about Bill's work, please contact us.